Yadivindra Singh Saroya (1966-2015)

Objects of Value

By Leo Erken, October 2015

My friend Yadivindra Singh Saroya passed away on 6 October 2015. He was only 49 years old. We had been friends for 28 years. As a photographer I documented his life intensively. I was there when he got introduced to his future wife, when he got married and at other important moments in life. Together we visited al kinds of people and places. In those years we made big plans for projects and films. The last plan was a film about our friendship. That plan came too late. Now I will make a film with the people he loved, inspired by the past we shared.

Yadi was really interested in other people’s lives and a strong communicator. He also had a mysterious side, traveling to the Middle East and various other countries on what he told us where business trips.
‘I am a negotiator and helping people out’, he said. He sometimes told hard to believe stories of princes and kings, secret worlds and deals without giving too many details. Speaking about him in the week of his cremation some of Yadi’s beloved ones told me that they where not always able to separate facts from fiction from his stories but at the same time they realized that many things he had been speaking about were later confirmed by people who could know.

I really have to figure out the complete picture. To do so I intent to research the world of Yadivindra Singh Saroya and interview the people that surrounded him. My film will be a investigation into the mystery left by the friend I thought I knew so well. I also hope to give an inside picture of a remarkable man who was both a proud Sikh as a lively boy who loved soul music and making fun. The people around him will tell the story, starting with his wife Pamela and his two sons Ajai and Ishaan. Together with Yadi’s inner circle I will search for answers to many questions.

This takes time and money. I realized that getting funding for a project like this at this stage will be difficult. Then I had an idea. Why not start working on an independent production and fund it -as far as it goes- by selling my personal collections?

People who visited my house and my studio know that I’ve been collecting half the world over the years. Books, equipment and objects represent the stories I have been working on or was inspired by. I’ve decided to let many objects of value go to make the development of this film possible.
These are high quality books, photo’s, camera’s and other things that might inspire you and by purchasing one or two for real market value you are funding my film.

To see the objects click here.

Here you can find a series of pictures of Yadi by Leo.